One key is to be Organized

This resource could help you get organized and stay organized.


There are many causes of disorganization in various
situations. The first step to getting organized and staying
organized is to recognize what the cause of disorganization
is, so that when you are organized you can avoid the problem
in the future.One cause of disorganization is small spaces. When you have
a small space, it is easy to become disorganized because you
often have more stuff than places to put it in.However, this is actually an easy problem to fix, with many
options available. You can install shelving along the… Continue reading

A GREAT resource for the YOUTH Pastor

What would you do?  This book helps answer this question.  –

You are snatched from your current church (or other current job) and put at a church in the suburbs where you have to start all over again.  There are five kids there. 

An instant download PDF file

Two are the senior pastor’s kids.  There are three boys and two girls.  Two are in High School and three are in Junior High.

You are asked to build a ministry that will continue on after you leave.  You have one year to do this.… Continue reading

Important info about Form 4361

Four important notes about Form 4361.

1.  Make three copies.  Attach a copy of your ordination certificate to each copy.  Mail all three copies to the IRS in Philadelphia.

2.  Make sure you are within the two-year time period for ministry income.

3.  Mail the packet certified with a return-receipt requested.

4.  When the Form 4361 comes back approved, make MANY copies and spread the copies around.  Give one to your employer, one to your spouse, put one with your permanent financial documents and send one to… Continue reading

Four Tax items every Pastor should check BEFORE the end of the year.

Tax Savings Tips for Pastors, Ministers and other Clergy
1.Clergy Housing Allowance:

Did you use all of your clergy housing allowance for housing expenses,
and do you have the documentation to show it?

2. Professional Ministry Expenses:

Have you documented all your professional ministry expenses?
or, if you have an accountable plan,
have you turned in all your receipts to the church for reimbursement?

3. Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments:

Did you make your quarterly estimated tax payments?
April 15?
June 15?
September 15?
and are you ready for your January 15, 2014 payment?

Some states have December 31, 2013 as… Continue reading

Questions regarding Tax form 4361

Hi, I came across your website while searching questions regarding form 4361. I have a question about section 4 and 5. I am ordained through 1 organization and employed for another. And section 5, I was ordained 1-13-2010 and never really took an income from my church until where I currently work now starting in 2013 so I can’t put 2 years down for the $400 + income. Will that cause a decline in my request for Social Security exemption?

Rev. Jason
Administration/Youth Pastor
Celebration First Assembly of God
Hi Jason:

Thanks for the email! From what you’ve told… Continue reading

Clergy Taxes: Tax Advantages for Ministers

Working as a minister has many benefits, including reaching out to and ministering to a wide array of people who are seeking help and guidance. In addition to helping others, members of the clergy are also eligible for a number of tax benefits as well. These benefits were created for members of the clergy in order to ensure that they were being reimbursed adequately for the important work that they do. Therefore it’s important that pastors are aware of the tax advantages that they are eligible to receive.

Here are some of the tax advantages that can be applied to… Continue reading

Tax Breaks on Minister Taxes

Accounting for tax breaks when figuring and submitting minister taxes can be quite complicated. The government has allowed for a number of tax benefits for members of the clergy that are not available to taxpayers outside of the clergy. These tax breaks were originally created to help members of clergy who were poorly paid. There are actually a number of lucrative exemptions that ministers should be aware of including a housing allowance that can reduce a minister’s tax burden quite effectively.

Here are some common tax benefits that ministers have access to as long as certain IRS qualifications are met.… Continue reading

Pastors Tax Basics: Filing 2012 Taxes

If you are a pastor, then it’s a good idea to start considering tax preparation for your 2012 taxes. Pastors are faced with confusing rules when it comes to their tax status and how and when to pay their taxes. The U.S. government allows pastors to be considered as both employees and self-employed depending on a pastor’s individual situation. For this reason, pastors taxes must be planned carefully and discussed with a professional.

Here are some pastors tax basics if you’ve already begun getting your 2012 taxes together.

Tax Status

Due to the fact that pastors can be classified as… Continue reading

Ministers to Foreign Workers: How to Qualify for a Social Security Exemption

As a member of the clergy you are given the opportunity of exemption from Social Security taxes. Most working citizens are required by law to pay Social Security taxes on their income, however, pastors fall into a few specific groups of people that are exempt. If you are a credentialed minister, opposed to any form of public insurance due to religious beliefs, and are working at a tax-exempt religious organization, you may be exempt from paying Social Security taxes.

There are several groups of people that are eligible for Social Security exemption aside from pastors including foreign workers, students, and… Continue reading

Clergy Finances: Pastor Retirement Options

Throughout their careers, people will often begin preparing and saving for retirement, this is true for pastors as well. At some point in time a pastor will no longer be able to work on a full-time basis but just like everyone else, will need some form of financial compensation to ensure quality of life for him and his family.

These options may or may not be similar to more traditional workers’ options but just like when it comes to pastors taxes and clergy finance, pastor retirement options are still just as effective albeit slightly more non-traditional.

SIMPLE or Roth IRA’s… Continue reading