A GREAT resource for the YOUTH Pastor

What would you do?  This book helps answer this question.  –

You are snatched from your current church (or other current job) and put at a church in the suburbs where you have to start all over again.  There are five kids there. 

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Two are the senior pastor’s kids.  There are three boys and two girls.  Two are in High School and three are in Junior High.

You are asked to build a ministry that will continue on after you leave.  You have one year to do this.… Continue reading

Important info about Form 4361

Four important notes about Form 4361.

1.  Make three copies.  Attach a copy of your ordination certificate to each copy.  Mail all three copies to the IRS in Philadelphia.

2.  Make sure you are within the two-year time period for ministry income.

3.  Mail the packet certified with a return-receipt requested.

4.  When the Form 4361 comes back approved, make MANY copies and spread the copies around.  Give one to your employer, one to your spouse, put one with your permanent financial documents and send one to… Continue reading