Four Tax items every Pastor should check BEFORE the end of the year.

Tax Savings Tips for Pastors, Ministers and other Clergy
1.Clergy Housing Allowance:

Did you use all of your clergy housing allowance for housing expenses,
and do you have the documentation to show it?

2. Professional Ministry Expenses:

Have you documented all your professional ministry expenses?
or, if you have an accountable plan,
have you turned in all your receipts to the church for reimbursement?

3. Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments:

Did you make your quarterly estimated tax payments?
April 15?
June 15?
September 15?
and are you ready for your January 15, 2014 payment?

Some states have December 31, 2013 as their due date for the fourth quarter.

4. Mileage Info

On December 31, write down the mileage on all your cars odometers. This will be your
ending mileage for 2013 and your beginning mileage for 2014.

If you need a FREE Clergy Housing Allowance Worksheet, a FREE Minister’s Expense Report or a Form 1040-ES to pay your quarterly estimate, email me for a copy of one or all of these.