Daknis Tax Services for Ministers

Daknis Tax Service for Ministers is a company that prepares tax returns for members of the clergy. DTSM focuses on members of the clergy because they’re in two different brackets, one for income tax for ministers and another for Social Security tax, making it increasingly difficult to navigate the tax return process. In order to lessen confusion and ease this tax return process, DTSM offers customers the following services:

Tax Services Available to Clergy Members for 2016 Taxes

  • Full preparation of federal, state and local tax returns using the latest and top-rated tax software
  • Clergy Tax services for members that own small businesses
  • Guarantee that your returns are prepared and reviewed by an IRS Enrolled Agent with 19 years of tax experience, 9 of which are working with clergy returns
  • A great, affordable price of $305 to $325, which was $100 less than competitors on average for 2013 taxes.

There are currently over 100 people already taking advantage of these premium tax services, each one of them getting more money back on their 2013 taxes than they would have otherwise. If you’re a member of the clergy looking for an affordable, family-owned company to help with your tax preparation with your tax returns next year, Daknis Tax Service for Ministers is ready to work for you.