One key is to be Organized

This resource could help you get organized and stay organized.


There are many causes of disorganization in various
situations. The first step to getting organized and staying
organized is to recognize what the cause of disorganization
is, so that when you are organized you can avoid the problem
in the future.One cause of disorganization is small spaces. When you have
a small space, it is easy to become disorganized because you
often have more stuff than places to put it in.However, this is actually an easy problem to fix, with many
options available. You can install shelving along the walls
to maximize the use of the space. You can install drawers
under beds and couches, or use small, thin Rubbermaid
containers and slide them underneath the furniture.The biggest cause of disorganization in the bedroom is a
lack of closet space for your many clothing items.Get a tall dresser with deep drawers rather than a short,
wide dresser with smaller drawers. It will actually fit more
clothing, and take up less space in your bedroom. If you
still don’t have enough room for all of your clothing, hang
your most worn outfits on sturdy metal hooks installed on
the wall next to your closet.