The Pastor’s Tax Man Reminds Ministers That Tax Returns Will Be E-Filed a Little Later This Year, Provides 2012 Tax Services

WELLINGTON, CO–(Jan 15, 2013) – The New Year is upon us, which means tax day is right around the corner and The Pastor’s Tax Man is ready to help with its premier tax services for ministers.

Daknis Tax Service, better known as The Pastor’s Tax Man, wants to inform clergy members that they cannot start E-filing taxes until January 30 this year, 8 days later than what was originally scheduled thanks to the fiscal cliff deal’s tax changes.

Since 2009, The Pastor’s Tax Man has been preparing taxes for ministers and their families. Daknis Tax Service has over 100 minister clients from 15 different states and several countries. The Pastor’s Tax Man provides preparation of income tax for ministers, military personnel and first responders.

“We’re very thankful of the niche we have created,” Pastor’s Tax Man owner Bill Daknis said. “Our clientele has been extremely loyal, and we really, really appreciate that. We are looking to bring in more clients, but we are not looking to lose anything in the quality department.”

The Pastor’s Tax Man focuses on tax services members of the clergy because they are in two different statuses — one for income tax for ministers and one for Social Security tax.

The services provided by The Pastor’s Tax Man for 2012 tax filings include:

  • Full preparation of federal and state tax returns using the latest and top-rated tax software
  • Clergy tax services for members that own small businesses
  • Guarantee that your returns are prepared and reviewed by an IRS Enrolled Agent with 17 years of tax experience — eleven of which are working with clergy returns
  • A great and affordable price of $295, which was $100 less than competitors on average for 2012 taxes

Those interested in inquiring about The Pastor’s Tax Man’s income tax for ministers services should call (970) 817-5419 or visit the business website at There they will find a wealth of information in regards to the tax services and rates The Pastor’s Tax Man offers.

There also are links to blog and press sections that further highlight the latest trends within the industry, as well as a link that provides contact information.


The Pastor’s Tax Man to Unveil a Housing Allowance Spreadsheet to Help Clergy Figure out What They Will Owe in 2012 Taxes

WELLINGTON, CO–Jan 2, 2013 – The New Year is upon us, and that can only mean one thing: 2012 taxes are soon due. Tax season is around the corner and The Pastor’s Tax Man wants to help you better understand what lies ahead.

The Northern-Colorado based tax service founded by couple Bill and Mishie Daknis in 2009 will post a Housing Allowance Spreadsheet on its business website,, to better assist members of the clergy in figuring out what they likely will owe the government in 2012 taxes for 2013.

“We’ve always wanted to implement something like this on our website,” Bill Daknis said. “It’s not going to be 100 percent accurate all the time, but we feel this will give clergy members a good indicator of how their previous year’s taxes might shape up.”

Bill and Mishie Daknis, who operate their family tax-service business out of Wellington, created The Pastor’s Tax Man with a goal to help the clergy avoid paying potentially higher taxes than they should be to the government. The first step to paying less clergy taxes is to download the Housing Allowance Spreadsheet.

The Pastor’s Tax Man, also known as Daknis Tax Service, prepares all federal and state returns for small businesses, families and individuals whose primary profession is in the clergy — no matter what religious affiliation. The business also provides tax service to military personnel and first-responders.

The due date to file 2012 taxes with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) is April 15, 2013, but most Americans file on the last day and Bill Daknis urges potential and returning clients to be proactive in planning for the inevitable task of filing taxes.

The Pastor’s Tax Man’s current clientele is comprised of 100 loyal clients from 15 different states. Bill and Mishie eventually would like to expand their client base to approximately 500 clergy members.

Those interested in learning more about services The Pastor’s Tax Man provides should visit their business website. The site contains extensive information on a variety of topics through the site’s blog. There also is a frequently asked questions (FAQ) page and of course a page for contact information. Visit at or call 970-817-5419.


The Pastor’s Tax Man at Daknis Tax Service Announces International Minister Taxes Preparation

WELLINGTON, CO–Nov 15, 2012 – Bill Daknis, also known as The Pastor’s Tax Man, is a Colorado-based United States and international tax assessor that prepares business and minister taxes. With several clients that reside overseas, Daknis Tax Service wants to inform ministers and other clergy members that the company can prepare taxes for nearly everyone, even if they are living outside of the United States.

Some of his international clients are ministers or missionaries for their churches. As The Pastor’s Tax Man, Daknis Tax Service has specialized services pertaining to ministers, pastors and other clergy members. The service also hosts a blog on its website where anyone can find out more about specialized minister taxes.

Bill Daknis is happy to help United States citizens living in other countries with their taxes because he has gone through similar experiences. He says, “I’ve lived overseas myself, as a missionary and a soldier. I lived in Panama, Ecuador and South Korea. My brother and sister-in-law are serving currently in the U.S. Army and are stationed in Seoul, South Korea. I know what it means to be far away from home. Having the peace of mind that you are getting the best return on your 2012 taxes while out of the country should be a big relief for overseas ministers, missionaries and others.”

Daknis Tax Service also offers international business tax preparation to his clients. Businessmen and company directors have reached out to Daknis Tax Service for tax preparation advice and business services. The 2012 taxes season is approaching and international clients will definitely want to get started sooner rather than later.

Daknis adds, “One international client dubbed me the, ‘International Mystery Tax Man.’ I’m not exactly sure what he meant by that but I thought it might be good to tell business professionals and ministers that I can prepare their tax returns even if they live overseas.”

Daknis Tax Service is located in Wellington, Colorado. For over 18 years Bill Daknis has served as an Enroll Agent. He has personally prepared over 3000 clergy tax returns and has signature authority over every return prepared at Daknis Tax Service. Call (970) 817-5419 or email with questions. For more information on how to prepare 2012 taxes for business or clergy, or to read minister taxes blogs, visit


Daknis Tax Service, The Pastor’s Tax Man, Provides Free Tax Preparation Resources for Clergy on Blog

FORT COLLINS, CO–Oct 12, 2012 – Daknis Tax Service, also known as The Pastor’s Tax Man, is pleased to provide free, educational resources for clergy members on their tax preparation blog. Popular blogs include: “Clergy Taxes and Why They’re Different,” “Clergy Tax: Deductions for Pastors,” “How to Properly Prepare Form 4361,” and “Basics of Clergy Finances and Taxes.” Daknis Tax Service, or The Pastor’s Tax Man, gets more money back on tax returns for ministers, preachers, pastors, rabbis and much more. The Pastor’s Tax Man does not discriminate based on denomination.

Bill Daknis, owner of and enroll agent at Daknis Tax Service, says, “Although I market my website to reach the widest possible reach of potential customers, I understand that not everyone has the privilege of being able to hire me as their enroll agent. That is why it is so important that my blog provides educational articles to those who need free resources. Hopefully, it can also serve as a tool to show my credibility and knowledge of clergy tax services as well.”

Daknis Tax Service offers full preparation of federal, state and local tax returns using the best tax software in the industry. There are even clergy tax services for those that own small business in addition to their other duties.

What other tax preparation service for ministers guarantees that your returns are prepared and reviewed by an IRS Enrolled Agent with 15 years of tax experience with almost 10 of them specializing in clergy returns? For an affordable price of $295, Daknis Tax Service can give you peace of mind that you are getting all of the money you deserve from your tax return.

Other free, educational resource blogs are: “Tutorial on How to File Income Tax for Ministers,” “Tax Preparation for Pastors: Medical Insurance Deductions,” “Tax Services for the Modern Church: Claiming Tithes on Taxes,” “Pulpit Freedom Sunday Questions Clergy Tax Laws,” and “Minister Tax Strategies.” These cover a gamut of topics — from news to instructional to strategic planning.

Save $100 with Daknis Tax Service, in comparison to the competitors, on average for 2012 taxes. You will also get more money back on your tax return when you deal with a tax professional like the Pastor’s Tax Man. For more information about Daknis’ clergy tax service, or to find tips for tax preparation, call (970) 817-5419 or visit


Daknis Tax Service for Ministers Prepares Clergy and Pastor’s Taxes, Partners With Page1 for Online Visibility

WELLINGTON, CO — Daknis Tax Service for Ministers (DTSM), also known as the Pastor’s Taxes Man, is a family-owned company that offers tax services to clergy and their families.

Pastor’s taxes can be complicated because of the dual tax status of ministers.¬†Clergy are in one status for Income taxes and in another status for Social Security taxes. A professional with years of experience is required to properly navigate the tax return process. DTSM offers these services.

In order to better inform members of the clergy of these services, DTSM has teamed up with Page1 Online Marketing to increase its presence in the online community. Page1 Online Marketing will achieve this through the use of search engine optimization (SEO), social media and several other forms of web marketing.

Why does DTSM think that online marketing will benefit its business?

According to Bill Daknis, DTSM’s Enrolled Agent and one of the area’s most qualified tax professionals, the use of online marketing is, “A way for a company to be seen by their target audience in a much more efficient manner.” He also adds that, “Online marketing is a very simple and affordable way of getting exposure for the company.”

If there’s one thing DTSM and its tax professionals care about, it’s affordability. Clients saved over $100 on average in 2012 when compared to competitors dealing with pastor’s taxes. Since clients are already paying the government so much in taxes, it’s DTSM’s view that customers shouldn’t be overpaying for tax services too.

DTSM has served ministers in 15 different states since its founding in 2009 and looks to become a leader in their industry. The company and its tax professionals also believe that their newly formed partnership with Page1 Online Marketing will only help to advance this goal and establish DTSM as “The Pastor’s Tax Man.” For more information about clergy and pastor’s taxes for any denomination, visit